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DEA2017, Prague in the Czech Republic, on June 26 to 29, 2017


Conference Venue

Direction to the Mingde Hotel

If you need to get a taxi in Wuhanshow the following cards to the taxi to get you to the hotel, or download this file.

Full address of the Mingde Hotel is: Mingde Hotel, 8 Sanjiao Road, Zhuankou Economical Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei, China



Jianghan University

Located on the beautiful Sanjiaohu Lake in the Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone (WEDZ), Jianghan University, a comprehensive institution of higher education approved by the Ministry of Education, is an ideal place for learning. With a total area of around 348 acres and a gross floor area of more than 550,000 square kilometers, the University is made up of School of Business, School of Law, School of Humanities, School of Fine Arts, School of Design, School of Music, School of Electromechanics and Construction Engineering, School of Physics and Information Engineering, School of Mathematics and Computer Science, School of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, School of Medicine, School of Nursing and Medical Technology, School of Life Sciences, School of Pedagogy, School of Foreign Languages, School of Sports, School of Marxism, School of Golf, School of Higher Vocational Technologies, School of International Education, and School of Continuing Education. Eleven disciplinary categories are covered, namely, Economics, Law, Pedagogy, Literature, History, Natural Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, Management Science, and Art, with 66 bachelor’s majors in total. Master-degree awarding programs include 2 First-level Disciplines, 15 Second-level Disciplines, and 1 Professional Master Degree, in addition to 3 Provincial-level Key Disciplines, 2 Provincial-level Key (Nurture) Disciplines, 7 Municipal Key Disciplines, 1 Provincial-level Educational Innovation Base for Graduates, 2 National Distinctive Majors, 2 Provincial-level Brand Majors, 10 Provincial-level Excellence Courses, and 3 Provincial-level Teaching Groups.

With the student population exceeding 18,000, the university now has a faculty of 977 teachers, including 696 professors and associate professors, in addition to 1 part-time academician, 12 “Chutian Scholars”, 14 Professors II, 45 Young Scholars either of Special Provincial or Municipal Achievements or eligible for State Council/Provincial/ Municipal Expert for Special Allowance, 1 supported by Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University (NCET), 1 elected as Excellent Youth Talent for Hubei’s New Century High-level Talent Program, and 16 included in “213 Talent Program”, and “Shi-Bai-Qian Talent Program”.

With 1 Key Lab under Ministry of Education, 2 Provincial-level Key Labs, 2 Provincial-level Key Bases for Social Sciences and Humanities Studies, 1 Provincial-level Joint Innovation Center, 6 Provincial-level Experimental Teaching Model Center, and 51 research organizations, the total value of the university’s teaching instruments and research equipment amounts to over RMB 200 million. Its library possesses a book collection of over 1.95 million volumes, 520,000 volumes of electronic materials, 2,100 periodicals in both Chinese and foreign languages, and 41 data bases. Jianghan University Journal has been ranked as one of the 30 National Excellent Humanities & Social Sciences Journals.

Based in Wuhan and oriented towards serving the society and local economy, Jianghan has maintained a policy of promoting international co-operation and exchanges with other institutions, including those from the United States, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Austria, Canada, and South Korea. Major efforts have been made towards undergraduate education, in addition to an active promotion of graduate education and a balanced concern over the development of vocational and continuing education, in order to produce highly innovative and practical talents capable of tackling all sorts of challenges.

The university is now poised to make new strides towards the goal of increasing its social influence both in Wuhan and throughout China by tapping into its own potentials to establish itself as an institution of distinctive characteristics.

Jianghan University Retrospective View

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Address of Jianghan University:
8 Sanjiaohu Road,Economic & Technological Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei, 430056, China

Map of Jianghan University

Map of Mingde Hotel

Floor Plans

First floor

Second floor